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Hybrid Convention

Smofcon 40 will be a fully hybrid convention. What do we mean by that? Our goal is that all scheduled program items will have both streaming-out and streaming-in capabilities. This means that you will be able to be on a panel from the comfort of your couch or hotel room, and attend from the hotel a panel with only remote panelists. Many panels will be mixed.

We’re planning on having both a Discord and shared online/in-person social spaces in addition to the program items. More information on these will be posted as it becomes available. 

Want to volunteer to help out? See our staff page, and email the appropriate department. 

Program Overview

Tentative schedule (subject to change)

Friday, December 1 – afternoon (and possibly morning) workshops, regular program beginning around 5 pm EST with an evening icebreaker activity TBD.

Saturday, December 2 – Program will begin at 9 am EST and run late into the evening

Sunday, December 2 – Program will begin at 9 am EST and end no later than late-afternoon.

   (Ample breaks for lunch and dinner.)

Our upstairs hospitality suite will be open Thursday evening, for those arriving early who wish to socialize, and it will close late Sunday night. Our downstairs hospitality area (some seating plus light grab’n’go snacks and drinks) will be open during daytime program hours. 

Get Involved

Are you interested in being a program participant (including running workshops), or do you have ideas for program items you’d like to see? Or would you like to have a meeting? Our survey to collect ideas is now closed.

Once the program team goes through the ideas, expect to get a second survey with a list of the Smofcon 40 potential program items asking which ones you’d enjoy being on. Filling out the survey is not a guarantee of being on these program items; however, the team looks forward to hearing why you’d be a good fit! Please see our list of Potential Program Items (the link for the second survey is on that page). In addition, once there is a schedule, it’ll be listed here.