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Let’s Talk About It

Sunday 10:30am Ocean State B/C

Helen Montgomery, Gail Terman, Nchanter

We have learned that some things people thought were okay to say 10/15/20+ years ago are not acceptable now. But how do we know what they are? Put anonymous questions in the box at Program Ops (or into the form linked below) all through Friday and Saturday. On Sunday morning in this panel we will answer questions, discuss the topics submitted, and work on getting everyone onto the same page. (No genuine question will incur CoC violation reports or the like.)

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Registration Hours

Friday noon-6, outside Lincoln

Friday 7-10, 559/560

Saturday 8:30-6, outside Lincoln

Saturday 7-10, 559/560

Sunday 8:30-noon, outside Lincoln

Upstairs Hospitality (559/560) Hours

Friday noon-2 pm (sponsored by Seattle in 2025 Worldcon) open until dinner break reopens 10 pm

Saturday hours Morning 7:30 – 10am (Sponsored by Heliosphere)

Midday noon – 2pm (Sponsored by Glasgow Worldcon 2024)

Open thru dinner break Closed for dinner and Q&A Evening social after 10pm

Sunday hours Morning 7:30 – 10am (Sponsored by LA in 2026)

Midday 11:30 – 1:30 (Sponsored by Philcon)
(This is a change from previously posted and aligns with the Smofcon Program lunch break)

Evening social after 8pm

Downstairs Hospitality (Lincoln Room, 1st floor) Hours

Serving cold drinks and snacks if anybody wants to grab something quick.

Friday 11:30-6

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Sunday 8-4

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Friday noon – 10pm

Saturday 8:30am-10pm

Sunday 8:30am-5pm

FANAC Table (outside Ocean Rooms) Hours

Saturday 10-5

Sunday 10-2

Future Worldcon and Smofcon Q and A

Saturday 8pm – 10pm Ocean State B/C

Presentations from current Worldcons, and upcoming bids for Worldcons and Smofcons – with Q and A for each.

Smofcon 40 members will decide on the location for Smofcon 41.

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A gift for Smofcon members

All Our Yesterdays by Harry Warner, Jr. Please go to the Upstairs Hospitality (Rooms 559 & 560) and take a copy.